What we do

Cutting Edge offers a variety of IT support services and solutions to ease your IT hassles. Talk to us today about how we can help.



Cutting Edge IT provides an affordable on site or remote support service to ensure faults are resolved quickly and effectively, to get you back on track.  With live monitoring and trigger alert reports, we are able to ensure our client’s servers, workstations and network infrastructure are performing optimally with minimal down time, identifying and fixing faults before they affect your business.

Our affordable and uncomplicated monthly Service Level Agreements ensure that we are able to offer a guaranteed response time, as well as assist our clients in predictably budgeting for their IT needs, through one trustworthy service provider.


Do you get confused about which technology is the right fit for your business? Our services provide you with tailor-made technology strategies that grow as your business does. Our team of skilled network engineers truly understands the needs of the small businesses. Our focus is on helping our clients stay up to date with the latest IT solutions, delivering the most effective results for your business through exceptional service delivery and sound technical advice. We can assist you to refresh, streamline and transform the way your business works, increasing productivity, optimizing performance and saving money through smart network solutions.

If your business could benefit from our inspired network solutions, contact us to schedule a free assessment.

Put an end to issues that can cause downtime and the need for costly emergency support.We understand that small business owners often struggle to balance open employee access with the need to protect their networks from harm. We are able to sweep your network, report on security holes, data theft possibilities and provide advice on how to rectify. In addition to this service, our system sweeps and removes viruses and spyware.

The ability to recover from a catastrophic data loss event in a few hours is critical. Cutting Edge IT Disaster Recovery Solutions provides the basis for a quick system recovery, alleviating a lengthy and costly downtime.




Revolutionise the way you do your business. Cloud Solutions give your business the ability to transfer the data on your file servers and storage systems into the Cloud, increasing productivity and profit through mobile collaboration, without the risk of outside threats, even for businesses on a tight budget. Whether your employees are on their computers, tablets or mobiles, it’s more important than ever for them to have information at their fingertips wherever they are. This is the convenience that Cloud Solutions provide.

With built in data back up and secure data storage, we are able to ensure your business’s vital systems and data will be protected from loss and even theft.

Our client focused IT consultancy specialises in assisting NPO’s and SME’s with adhoc IT issues, network administration, licensing and antivirus, online backups and storage solutions – being able to reduce their down time at an affordable rate.

We have converted many of our NPO clients over to free or discounted services such as Office 365 and online backups, assisting them to access benefits such as discounted software for NPO’s, the Microsoft Donations programme, as well as providing them with an affordable monthly support service.